Cosmetic Dentistry from a Fenton Dentist You Can Trust

At Michigan Smiles, we’re committed to the oral health of our community in Fenton. Dentist Dr. Bo Shumaker and the rest of our team is dedicated to helping you get a healthy, beautiful smile.You don’t have to see an orthodontist to get the straight, white teeth that you want. At Michigan Smiles, we offer both the general dentistry services you need for your oral health, as well as the cosmetic dentistry options you need to help create the perfect looking smile.

We have a range of options to meet your needs provided by a top cosmetic dentist.

Many people deal with crooked or unevenly spaced teeth, and they may feel that braces are their only option. Many adults don’t want to get braces, which they feel may create an unprofessional appearance. Fortunately, Invisalign treatment can help you straighten your teeth and create a healthier bite without the unsightly metal on your teeth. The Invisalign trays are clear, and most people won’t even know they’re there unless you point them out.

If you want to get immediate results, you may opt for veneers instead. Veneers are placed over your teeth, and they can correct everything from misshapen teeth to crooked teeth. They will make your smile look straighter, whiter, and more even. You will get results in a fraction of the time other straightening treatments require.

If you already have a straight smile that you love, but you just want to brighten it up, Michigan Smiles also offers Advanced Zoom! whitening treatments. You can lighten your smile significantly, helping it to look more brilliant and creating a more youthful and radiant appearance overall. Results vary depending on the level of staining you have, but most patients can get their teeth several shades lighter with this treatment.

By offering both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry, Michigan Smiles strives to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the dental treatment you need. As part of our mission to be a top Fenton dentist, we create a welcoming and comforting environment while also offering the highest-quality dental service.
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